Resource Futures

Measuring tangible environmental impacts

The brief

Resource Media was asked to create a flexible web platform on behalf of Resource Futures for Oxfordshire and Leicestershire county councils to measure the return on investment (ROI) of different community activities. This needed to work on mobile devices and desktop for different types of users, ranging from volunteers to local authority managers.

The solution

We delivered a web-based platform that performed server-side calculations based on lifecycle analysis (LCA) provided by the client. The tool is flexible enough to cater for a wide range of different community activities, and also different users whether they be local authorities or volunteers. LCA calculations can easily be added or updated.

The tool provides data analysis for individual community events right up to aggregated community programmes, enabling decision makers to evaluate across a range of social, economic and environmental criteria. Output reports are both visual and informative, and can easily be exported for onward use.

The result

Having been readily taken up by Oxfordshire and Leicestershire county councils, the platform was an immediate success, and we are now working with Resource Futures to develop a roll-out plan so that many more local authorities can benefit from this powerful tool.