Highlighting local authority best practice

The brief

Resource Media was commissioned to produce a suite of communication materials, including online and print documents, and a YouTube video channel, to present best practice in recycling by Welsh councils.

The solution

Following a workshop with key stakeholders, Resource Media planned and undertook 15 site visits across Wales. This field work involved conducting interviews with key personnel, as well as taking photographs and video footage of local authority services. Once compiled, the case studies were translated into Welsh and turned into a series of printed bilingual booklets.

Alongside the printed materials, Resource Media created a microsite for the content, including downloadable resources. Video footage and interviews were used to create a supporting set of case study videos, available on the microsite and a dedicated YouTube channel.

The results

Reached 100% of the niche target audience, comprised of senior figures in Welsh local authorities. Roadmap established for developing the site further to continue to meet their needs.